About Us


Daflo is a full service entertainment firm established in 2015 based in Manchester. Combining passion for business and entertainment, we offer exclusive event planning, management services, after parties, concert and touring activities plus high-quality music and film productions. It is our delight to work with the world’s top brands, celebrities and talents across the entertainment industry; Floyd Mayweather, Rich Homie Quan, Pretty Ricky, Day 26, J Holiday, The LOX are just a few of the names to grace our books!

A big part of why we love what we do at Daflo's is our mission to combine our success with a the idea of global community, through extensive charity work. Our production wing has worked alongside National Lottery Good Causes, providing vocals for a Minecraft project which received over 1 million views on YouTube within 48 hours. As well as donating a portion of all our profits to local charities, a source of ongoing pride is the current development of orphanages in both Zimbabwe. We believe true success is measured by what you give back!

We recognize that a successful event can harness an organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty.
Our practice and solution is embedded in our brand name “D-A-F-L-O”
D - Dedicated Team: with professionals specialized in transforming an event from concept to production: design, entertainment, audiovisual, security and transportation.
A - Approach: we perform event risk assessment as a part of the technical planning process. We incorporate state-of-the-art technology in our practice & delivery. Our 'change tracking process' helps us keep unforeseen circumstances under control.
F - Fun-filled: our events are exclusive, educative, informative and trendy. From red carpet interviews to fashion & beauty, music and mentions in prestigious publications such as The Sun, Dailymail, Liverpool Echo, expect nothing but fun all through.
L - Levy: what about our fee? we create the best entertainment experience, and our gates are open to all at affordable prices. We offer discount and issue coupons to our registered clients.
O - Objectivity: our aim is to ensure our patrons get value for money. Our vision is to maintain top-level performance where customers over the world make us their only favourite.
This uniquely sets us miles ahead of our contemporaries. We bring you unmatched experience in a positive atmosphere. Contact us now for questions on our upcoming events!